When to Listen to Your Wife

I had this excellent idea for a blog article . . . and I was going to write it today. I scribbled a few of the main points and it was shaping up nicely. Then I passed it by Joyce. She immediately threw it down and crushed it. Just like that.

She said, No, not a good idea. It’s too controversial, too offensive.

I said, What?! So what?! So what if it’s controversial. And why would it offend people?! Am I supposed to be afraid of offending people? Maybe some people need to be offended.

Some of the people who read your blog would be offended. It could end up hurting you.

Why would it offend them? Besides, some people would agree with me. Why should I be afraid to say something that’s offensive or controversial?

Well, you asked me what I think. You go ahead and write about that if you want, but I’m telling you it’s not a good idea.

I learned quite awhile ago that when Joyce tells me that something isn’t a good idea, it probably isn’t a good idea. No, I don’t have to listen to her counsel. I could do what I want and prove her wrong. Or, what I’ve seen more often, I could do what I want and prove her right. I remembered that I recently wrote to a few colleagues that Joyce is a primary counselor for me . . . she keeps my train from flying off the tracks. Joyce is much more careful than I am, far more empathetic with people and sometimes can see what I cannot. I seek her counsel because she is godly and wise, and I know that the Lord has provided her to me as a partner and helper.

So fine. My excellent idea is in the can . . . at least for today . . . to save for later . . . when putting my face in the fan might be really important, no matter what. But it can wait . . . until the time is right. And that’s when I might even pass it by Joyce again.