Live the Resurrection

I started writing an article about church discipline, but then realized that it would be published on Easter. So we have a most excellent topic change.

What is Easter to the person who doesn’t love Jesus as the Christ? Not much. Maybe candy, eggs, a bunny and an excuse to gather with family and friends. Maybe that person goes to church. But to the believer in Christ, the resurrection is everything. It’s the Lord’s awesome defeat of sin and death on my behalf. I get to share in His victory over this world. Whatever the problems and whatever the pleasures in this life, there’s incomparable joy in pondering His sacrifice and His triumph.

The day I received Christ, I was wondering what people would think of my new faith. I had been a flaming pagan. But a series of circumstances led me into a three-year search for the truth of God. In those years, I practiced yoga and pondered eastern meditation. I read about Buddhism and considered the Mormonism of a friend. And I studied Christianity. I sought answers from Roman Catholic priests, Methodist ministers and Bible teachers.

After three years of this, I was completely confused. I remained that way until I called out to God and pleaded with Him to help me. I still remember my earnest prayer of that day in the winter of 1985: God, I’m so confused. Please help me. I don’t care whether you’re a god in Hinduism, or the god of Mormonism or Christianity. Or some kind of force. Please help me. I want to know you. All of these religions can’t be right. Who are you? Show me who you are. Please help me.

Nothing happened for about two weeks. But on a Saturday afternoon I received Christ as my Savior and Lord. On that day, I was thinking about the reaction of family and friends. They had known me as an irreligious young man who enjoyed mocking Christians. What would I say?

You don’t need to argue with them, a pastor told me. You don’t know enough yet. Just tell them you were blind and now you see. Like the blind man Jesus healed.

That's the second half of John 9:25: One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.

That was enough, even though very few of those in my circle had a clue what had happened to me. Several of them were more than ticked off. But it was my beginning. I have a hard time remembering what my life was like without Christ. And, of course, there's no going back. Someone told me in those early days: Whatever happens in this life, you'll never regret coming to Christ. That's precisely true.

Let the world think we’re fools . . . or worse. Enjoy with Him the victory of Easter. Philippians 3:10-14.