Telling All, Winning Some

In the 15 months since its first public worship service, Crossroads Church of Sturgeon Bay already has a reputation for evangelism and doing good in the community. That's largely because Brian Mitoraj, Crossroads' founding pastor, is a natural evangelist. His passion for the gospel's message of new life in Christ naturally flows out of his preaching and shepherding. Brian's an evangelistic live wire for the Lord and His church.

We want to reach the community, he said. Young or old, rich or poor. We're engaging as many people as we can in Sturgeon Bay so we can win some to the Lord. We want to see lives transformed by the power of the Lord's Gospel.

Sturgeon Bay is a town of about 9,200 in southern Door County, Wis. The county is a hub of tourism in the Midwest. Brian is not a native of Door County. He and his wife, Erin, and their two daughters have been involved in vocational ministry for about three years in the county. Brian was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and became a Christian at 35 years old. He had been enjoying success as an entrepreneur but, soon after his conversion, dove deeply into serving in a couple of churches in the Chicago suburbs.

He soon sensed a desire to be in vocational ministry. But he lacked formal theological training. Brian received zero encouragement from the leaders at his home church. He still recalls the response from his church's senior pastor, who said: I don't think so. Everybody feels called to be a pastor when they first get saved.

But Brian couldn't give it up. He said: Erin and I saw a need in Sturgeon Bay. We sensed the Lord wanted us to fill that need. This town needs a Bible-believing, gospel-centered church. So we started Crossroads.

The church's first public worship service was on Easter 2014. Crossroads has grown to about 100 people and, despite a few common setbacks along the way, has led people to Christ and has influenced the community for good. 

People need the Lord here in Sturgeon Bay just like they need Him everywhere, Brian said. Sturgeon Bay is where the Lord has placed us. Just like anywhere, this town has broken families, hurting people, many people who don't even know they need Jesus Christ. Sturgeon Bay has a sense of religion, but what sometimes is missing is the authentic relationship with God through Jesus Christ. God is not a theory. He is living and wants relationship. That's why we're in Sturgeon Bay. 

That's also why Crossroads Church is a welcome partner in the FiveStone Churches network. Brian, the church's other shepherds and the broader Crossroads Church culture understand and embrace the church's purpose . . . to make disciples of Jesus Christ in fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) . . . to baptize and teach those disciples to love the LORD in the depth of the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-38) . . .  to exhort those disciples to manifest the LORD’s presence in all arenas and in all circumstances (Isaiah 43:1-7).

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