Harvest Bible Church Supporting 5Stone

I strolled between a liquor store and a bar to enter the strip mall ministry center of Harvest Bible Churchwest of Detroit. I remember laughing and thinking, Somebody's got some guts to put a church here. That was the first time I met Pastor Dan McGhee and the founders of Harvest Bible Church. I liked them from the start.

Since that initial meeting about 11 years ago, Dan and the church's shepherds have navigated some stormy seasons and worked through a couple of major transitions. Through it all, the church has flourished as it has remained faithful to the simplicity of the gospel and making, baptizing and teaching disciples of Jesus. Now we welcome Harvest Bible Church as the first Supporting Church in the FiveStone network. 

Supporting Churches embrace FiveStone's Principles of Doctrine, Governance and Practice. Each Supporting Church will receive a variety of benefits, including shepherd relationships, discounted teaching, sharpening and assessment services, as well participation in FiveStone's annual Rock Conference.

Supporting Churches contribute financially to the work of the FiveStone ministry, in accordance with each church's financial strength and desire to invest in church planting, strengthening and renewal.

Harvest Bible Church believes in the work of FiveStone Churches, Dan said. We're thankful for the men who lead it. Our leaders appreciate FiveStone's goals and the emphasis on integrity and character in the work.

We welcome this good church to FiveStone.