New 5Stone Partner: Calvary Bible Church

FiveStone Churches is delighted to welcome Calvary Bible Church in Ypsilanti, Mich. as a partner church to the FiveStone network. Calvary is a vibrant congregation that is making, baptizing and teaching disciples.

Brian Jones, Calvary’s senior pastor, will join the Elders Council governing board of FiveStone Churches.

So . . . what’s Brian about in local church ministry? I love studying the Scriptures and helping people understand and apply them to their lives, he said.

So why join FiveStone Churches? It’s rooted in our four core commitments: Edify, Protect, Encourage and Support church leaders. Brian’s comments:

Starting a new church can be lonely as you form your core group and are doing all kinds of ministry. It’s difficult to improve your skills in evangelism, preaching, discipleship and administration without mentors who can pass on to you what they've learned.

Having done all these things alone, I know the power of participating in a network of like-minded churches. Calvary’s relationship with FiveStone Churches will give us an opportunity to help plant new churches. And, because FiveStone connects us with leaders of other established churches, we hope to learn from those who are serving the Lord skillfully and to pass on what we've learned as well. We're excited to be part of this new network for the glory of God.

Read more about Brian Jones on the Our Leadership Team page on the FiveStone Churches website.

Check out Calvary Bible Church's website for more about the church.