New 5Stone Partner in Sturgeon Bay

Welcome Crossroads Church of Sturgeon Bay, the newest partner in the FiveStone Churches network. Crossroads is only about 15 months old, but the church already has a reputation for evangelism and good works. How so? One example: The people of Crossroads regularly reach out to serve and to pray in-person with the town's  police officers and firefighters.

Founding pastor Brian Mitoraj emphasizes the church's four key values:

  • Committed to Proclaiming God’s Word;
  • Called to a Lifestyle of Worship;
  • Commended to Tell All to Win Some;
  • Compelled to Build Disciples.

Brian didn't see a need for network relationships when he and the core team planted the church, but he does now. We need coaching, accountability, wisdom for things we don't know. We need to fill the gaps for things that we lack. None of us is 100 percent complete alone. That’s why we wanted the community of a network of like-minded churches. FiveStone Churches brings that to us. I really like the FiveStone emphasis on working to Edify, Protect, Encourage and Support the shepherds. That’s exactly what we were looking for.

Crossroads gathers for Sunday morning worship in the city’s high school. Sturgeon Bay is in southern Door County, a hub for tourism in the Midwest.

Learn more about the Crossroads Church of Sturgeon Bay here.