5Stone Expands into Bogotá, Colombia

FiveStone Churches’ mission to plant and strengthen local churches has expanded into Bogotá, Colombia, with the addition of Iglesia Anónima as a partner in the network. FiveStone is providing financial support to Anónima and is building personal relationships to Edify, Protect, Encourage and Support the church.

Anonima Church logo - cropped.jpeg

Anónima—translated Anonymous in English—focuses on exalting Jesus Christ alone as the head of the church. The church’s logo includes:

  • Iglesia Anónima (Anonymous Church);

  • El Nombre de Christo lo merece todo (Christ’s Name deserves it all);

  • Comunidad Biblica Christiana (Biblical Christian Community).

Colombia is rich in natural resources and is strong in manufacturing and agriculture. Its primary exports are oil and coal . . . and cocaine. According to Operation World, 90 percent of cocaine in the U.S. comes from Colombia. Bogotá is Colombia’s capital and largest city, and has a metropolitan population of 12 million. Colombia has a population of 50.4 million.

Bogotá has a lot of spiritual needs, said Javier Beltran, who founded Iglesia Anónima in August 2018. We’re surrounded by churches that teach false doctrines such as the prosperity gospel, said Javier. We center Iglesia Anónima on the Scriptures. In our area of Bogotá, there are few Christian churches founded on sound doctrine.

Javier and Zoad Beltran started Iglesia Anónima in their Bogotá home. The church now meets in a school cafeteria, includes about 45 men, women and children and gathers for a variety of discipleship ministries throughout the week.


Iglesia Anónima already has established an evangelism ministry to people who have fled to Colombia from neighboring Venezuela. Every three months, the men and women of Iglesia Anónima buy and prepare sandwiches and beverages and collect their own clothing to give to Venezuelans living in inner Bogotá. At the monthly outreach, men and women of the church share the gospel with people gathered in a neighborhood city park. The evangelists from Iglesia Anónima join in pick-up basketball games, chat in small pockets or talk with parents as they watch their children enjoy the park’s playground. Those interested in hearing more about Christ gather in a large group to hear Javier present the gospel from the Scriptures.

Our calling is here in Bogotá, said Javier, who has spent the great majority of his life in the city. We’re surrounded by false doctrine. We want to be centered on Christ, not on man.