5Stone Plant in Chanute, Kansas

Steve and Stacy Galt are returning to their home town of Chanute, Kansas, to plant Grace Community Church with FiveStone Churches. Planting in Chanute brings Steve and Stacy back to the town where they were born and raised and built their relationship. We really care about the people in Chanute, said Steve. We're looking forward to coming home. Chanute could use another church that faithfully preaches, teaches  and lives the Scriptures.

Grace Community Church will build on four core values:

  • Seeking Uncompromising Biblical Faithfulness –  recognizing the need for God’s guidance and instruction via the Scriptures, without assuming that the church will be biblical because it affirms the Bible’s authority.
  • Living Gospel-Centered, Worship-Fueled Lives – the gospel is not only the way into Christianity, but it is the fuel for faithfulness and obedience. The deepest and most enduring joy in life comes through what Jesus has done. This leads to faithfulness and obedience.
  • Pursuing Authentic Christian Community – In many churches, people look good on the outside while they might be struggling on the inside. The church should be a place where everyone is allowed to be open, honest and real about the struggles of life. 
  • Spreading Joy in the Biblical Mission – the church should be made up of missionaries in the community. The church should spread the joy and worship of relationship with Jesus Christ. The church is to work as instruments within the context of the local community.

Several families and individuals have committed to building the core planting team in Chanute, and several others have committed to supporting the church plant through prayer and financial gifts. The new church anticipates hosting its first public worship service in the fall. Steve, Stacy and their two children—Hannah and Josiah—expect to move to Chanute in August after closing their ministry responsibilities at their church in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Steve has more than 10 years of increasing pastoral ministry experience at two churches; he has a master of divinity degree from Luther Rice Seminary, a master’s degree in biblical languages and exegesis from Wheaton College and a bachelor’s degree in theology from Moody Bible Institute.

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